Board-Em: The customizable social media! What is Board-Em?

Board-'Em' is a new type of social media website that is meant to bring Blogging, Vlogging, Slogging, Mogging.... whatever, to social media. Being able to share anything that you enjoy and enjoy other content the way they want it to be viewed.

Board-Em is a social media platform. One of our goals is to make it as near a fully customizable as possible. Imagine a Facebook profile that you want too set up as a sort of your own YouTube channel. People visiting your "channel" can interact with your videos just as a YouTube channel, but you won’t be limited as to what your channel looks like, you’ll be able to change the header and background color/image. We understand that your average person can't (or won't) code that's why we want Myspace customizability with an ease of use that we hope to deliver with user created, easy to implement templates. Maybe you’re not a YouTuber and want more of the simple layout of Pinterest? With the ability to create multiple "boards" you can have a Pinterest style board or a Facebook style of board, or maybe even your own unique layout! A scrapbook design with floral print as the background, soft background music, do whatever you like, it's your own piece of internet real estate! Don't want people looking at your board? Or maybe you want only certain people to interact with one of your boards, we will have password protected boards so you can have some privacy with your buddies, or family without the hassle of people you don't know making inappropriate comments or anything. There will be a tool to ban certain users from boards that you moderate. Also the ability to appoint trusted moderators to a board that is maybe too big for you to moderate yourself.

Board-Em will be the new go to for social media. This web application using a Django framework with a MySQL database powered by an Ubuntu cloud will allow users to seamlessly login with any and all social media integration.

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